"How can we train new employees without sacrificing the productivity of our experienced staff?"

New hires or employees who find themselves repositioned within their company may need some help learning the ropes, particularly if their new duties include the use of unfamiliar software.

PSI's trainers know how to present new skill sets to adult learners. We always try to use knowledge that trainees already possess to explain the new material. And we show the trainees how to put their new skills to use right away.

PSI customizes the approach to meet the needs of the trainees. We take care to show the trainee how to use the features of the software that apply to his or her position. We also provide examples and exercises to reinforce the instruction.

PSI's trainers are certified to teach in secondary schools in Pennsylvania. We can provide instruction in a group setting or to individuals. We can also show more advanced users how to train others.



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