Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks

"We have some company policies written down, but they are full of 'whereto's' and 'herein's.' How can we expect our staff to observe policies that only a lawyer can understand?"

Policy Manuals

PSI will work with your administrative and HR staffs to create a policy manual for your organization. Or, perhaps you need to revise and update an existing manual. PSI's technical writers will organize the information and present it as clearly and as simply as possible. We know how to avoid the pitfalls of ambiguous wording and unnecessary legalese. Your employees will appreciate a straightforward and easy-to-understand statement of policies.

Employee Handbooks

Presenting a new hire with a readable, informative handbook tells him or her that your organization cares about its employees. It also allows the employee to concentrate on learning the job, knowing that any questions about personnel issues can be researched later at his or her convenience. If the cost of printing a handbook is prohibitive, PSI can design an online manual that can be accessed on your intranet and updated quickly and easily.



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